As you note, the movie was limited in its portrayal of Fern and beyond. Since I am in a similar situation with a very different attitude, I'd like to say that some of the kindest, funniest and most interesting people in my experience are living in vehicles. After dealing with the exorbitant rentals here on the Monterey Peninsula, we have moved away from crazy sheltering costs, and find peaceful and ongoing support from the expanding group of van and car dwellers. The desire to return to our previous quarters dims more quickly than expected. 'Who would want to?' is a question easily answered in the negative. For the most part, though, we adjust and are positive.

The opening scene was rather shocking, though, suggesting that Fern had some serious mental issues that the story didn't touch.

Glad to hear your opinion!

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That opening Steinbeck quote should be on civilization's headstone.

Thanks for shouting truth into the hopefully-not-void.

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A fantastic dissection of a depressing subject. Thanks for this sobering analysis.

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