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So...one man is "grifting" while Pfizer is not. You accuse people like Russell Brand of using psychological manipulation while using these tactics yourself. Instead of looking at the bigger and more complex picture, you just try to paint any and all "anti-vaxxers" as grifters, which is disingenuous. First off, I'm not "anti-vaxx" in that I got my shingles vaccine a few years ago, but I'm not in favor of vaccination as the MAIN and ONLY strategy to deal with things like coronaviruses. You might start here:


I think some vaccinations for children might be warranted (polio) but I am starting to agree with concerned parents that the childhood vaccination schedule is wayyy overloaded. It's possibly impacting kids' immune systems in ways we don't fully understand, most likely contributing to the rise in autoimmune conditions.

But your cheap analysis here avoids the bigger problem - the government and media pushing new vaccine technologies (mRNA/DNA aka viral vector), ignoring and downplaying people's concerns, pushing covid vaccines that don't stop the spread of the virus, pasting on endless booster shots without much pre-study, censoring and maligning people who disagree, and gaslighting the people who have been injured and killed by DNA/mRNA vaccines.

I wasn't on a mission to bust the vaccine culture until the covid vaccines were shoved down everyone's throats. But the absolute insane religion that has now formed among the pro-vaccine people - that all vaccines are good, and any questioning of them needs to be ruthlessly censored - has made me question the entire allegiance to vaccinations as a universal health strategy.

One more thing - having had a lot of true anti-vaxxers in my comment section, many of them are parents who saw their kids fall ill and never return to normal after a "routine" childhood vaccination. They don't need some "grifter" to tell them their child has been irreparably damaged. Why not try talking to some of these people with an open mind before you make assumptions as to what "started" this pushback? If you don't even understand the people you are writing about, even if you disagree, then you aren't doing good journalism.

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