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Something I posted to some friends recently:I dont do this often - I wrote a response to Russell Brand on his pocast about the televised hearings on January 6....nothing against Russell Brand and his thing...

5.7 million subscribers is quite a platform. As an American living in the UK for the last 20 years Im more drawn to Abby Martin Dosed or Empire Files podcast, gaslit nation podcast or Michael Moore or Conspirituality podcasts for perspectives on truth. These people are actually taking a postion that is well researched and grounded and clear about their values as Americans and what is at stake. They have voices which require a good deal of courage and at risk to themselves. America has its problems and the Democrats have their problems just read where it all started with An Indigenous History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz - this was our starting point (and none of it was taught in US schools). We are still coming to terms as a nation with these issues. Finally you can make links or references to a spiritual life though I cant help but notice all the white faces and financial privilege when I have attended spiritual ceremonies - and very real issues of respect and appropriation in what is called "waking up". We are a generation living through a tragedy unlike anything or parents or grandparents experienced. In my opinion its a kind of reckoning with the way we have treated eachother and the way we have treated the earth and hopefully we will all of us get through it and become better human beings for it.

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