Optimization tools for anxiety management

Introducing the EarthRise Wellness newsletter

I sent my first email newsletter in 2000. It has served many roles over the last two decades. Predominantly, it has focused on my work in music, fitness, and writing, yet it never had a singular purpose. That’s changing this month.

My free bimonthly newsletters will still go out with information on yoga mixtapes, classes, and more. (I have another small-group Zoom yoga workshop this Sunday, May 10.) What’s new is a weekly newsletter for paid subscribers.

I’ve dealt with an anxiety disorder since long before starting my first newsletter. So much of my work has been framed by anxiety, specifically in fitness and journalism. After many years of struggling, I eliminated panic attacks four years ago. My anxiety is not gone, but it’s no longer the monster in the closet that it was for so many years.

I’ve spent so many years working through, researching, and trying to understand anxiety that I realized I’ve created quite a toolkit. I recently launched EarthRise Wellness as a corporate and individual anxiety coaching program—the week before sheltering at home began. Over these last two months, I’ve had to think about how this program evolves to fit the times.

The first step is through original reporting, optimization tools, research, videos, and online coaching sessions. Paid subscribers will receive a separate weekly newsletter to help optimize mental and physical fitness. You’ll also receive access to one 90-minute yoga workshop on Zoom each month.

You can support my work for $7/month or $70/year, and I’d be very grateful if you did.

Thanks for your support,

Derek Beres